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Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

A - 009. Yalong Bay

Original oil on canvas    Studio work, 2008.

61.5cm x 91.5cm      USD.$ 1990.00

Signed and Dated

Yalong Bay This painting has been painted in  spring time of 2007  at my flat of Lijiang. And I have been to Hainan Island many times, this painting is the view of Yalong Bay near  Sanya town. many  years before here still a wild beach, and everything is so nice and nature, but after few years, right now here became another   holiday spot. I make this painting just to memorize this place. 


Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

A - 002. The trace of time

Original oil on canvas   Studio work,2004.  

57cm x 80cm         USD.$ 120,000.00

Signed and Dated

The trace of time This painting has been painted from the summer time till winter of 2004,and it has spend more then half year. The window is from a very old house at a  village of  Yangshuo in Guilin. And I make it is just try to memorize and remind us of time and life. Also to give you a chance to think.


Chinese woman nude - Artist Zhao fan

A - 004Dai girl have bath

Original oil on canvas   Studio work, 2005

61cm x 81cm         USD.$ 1900.00

Signed and Dated



Chinese woman nude - Artist Zhao fan


Nude - Chinese woman - Artist Zhao fan


A - 001

"Well Endowed" Chinese girl

Original oil on canvas

Studio work, 2008

55cm x 75cm

USD.$ 6990.00

Signed and Dated

"Well Endowed" Chinese girl -  Usually, western people will think of Chinese women as being "small framed". That's not always true. There are many Chinese women very "well endowed", just like this one...

To paint this woman was very challenging -  especially the skin. 


Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

A - 010.  Alley in Yangshuo

Original oil on canvas

Studio work, 2008

55cm x 75cm

USD.$ 1990.00

Signed and Dated


Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

S - 001.  The Weaver of Dong woman

Original sketch on paper

sketch, 1997

25cm x 25cm

USD.$ 1290.00

Signed and Dated

      Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

A - 003

Hani lady on rice terraces

Original oil on canvas

Studio work, 2004  

61.5cm x 91.5cm

USD.$ 1990.00

Signed and Dated

      Nude - Chinese woman nude - Artist Zhao fan

A - 005

Chinese girl - 01

Original oil on canvas

Studio work, 2004  

50cm x 70cm

USD.$ 1290.00

Signed and Dated


      Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

A-011.  Rain on Li river   Oil on Canvas   50cmX65cm  USD. $ 1990.00

Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

A-012.   Blue Vase   Oil on Canvas   40cmX55cm  USD.$ 1490.00

      Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

A-013.   Oil on Canvas   50cmX75cm   USD.$ 1990.00

Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

A-014.   Oil on Canvas   50cmX65cm   USD.$  1990.00

      Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

A-015.   Oil on Canvas   90cmX120cm   not for sell

Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

S-002.   water color on paper   19cmX27cm   USD.$  1290.00

      Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

Fan Zhao's Art Studio

Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

A-016.   OIl on Canvas   46cmX56cm   USD.$ 1990.00

      Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

A-017.   Oil on Canvas   50cmX65cm   USD.$ 6290.00

Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

W-001.   Water color on paper   38cmX52cm   USD.$ 1690.00

      Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

W-002.   water color on paper   38cmX52cm   USD.$ 1490.00

Oil painting - Chinese Artist Zhao fan

S-003   Ink on paper   19cmX27cm   USD.$1 290.00

      Chinese woman nude - Artist Zhao fan

S-004.   Pencil on paper   38cmX52cm   USD.$ 1490.00

Chinese woman nude - Artist Zhao fan

A-018.   Oil on Canvas   50cmX75cm   USD.$ 1990.00

      Water color - Nude - Sleep

W-003.   Water color on paper   38cmX52cm   USD.$ 1690.00

Chinese artist

S-006.   Ink on paper   38cmX52cm   USD.$ 1290.00

      Chinese Artist - Oil painting

A-019.   Oil on Canvas   55cmX75cm   USD.$ 2290.00

Chinese Artist - Oil painting

A-020.   Oil on Canvas   55cmX60cm   USD.$ 1990.00





If you want buy any those painting, please send Email to Fan Zhao: info@ecotourchina.com 

Please click here to view more painting


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Sanya Hainan Island Ecotour

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China Bird Watching Tour






Migrant birds in Dali and Lijiang of Yunnan

There are more than 4,400 species of vertebrates, more than 10 percent of the world's total, is one of the countries with the greatest diversity of wildlife in the world, have 1,189 species of birds.


Sunbird in Xishuangbanna - Yunnan China

Yunnan Birding






Qinghai Birding





Shaanxi Birding





Villages nearby Dali





Cormorant Fishing


























China Wild Animal Tour







Wildlife peculiar to China includes such well-known animals as the giant panda, golden-haired monkey, South China tiger, brown-eared pheasant, white-flag dolphin, Chinese alligator and red-crowned crane, totaling more than 100 species.


Pygathrix bieti in ShangriLa of Yunnan

Southwest China


Turtle Hainan Island

South China



Kekexili, Hoh Xil










Tibetan area





Sichuan, Silk Road


























China Wild Plants Tour






wild plants in Yunnan

In China, there are more than 7,000 species of woody plants, including 2,800 tree species. The metasequoia, Chinese cypress, China fir, golden larch, Taiwan fir... The meta sequoia, a tall species of arbor, is considered as one of the oldest and rarest plants in the world.


Orchid in Yunnan

Southwest China


Hainan Island Tropical plants

South China



Yunnan, Guizhou





Sichuan, Kham Tibet





Nujiang canyong





Dali, Lijiang, Ruili























































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China Eco-Tour









Minority Tour






Dali-Lijiang-Tiger leaping gorge



Culture Tour






Lijiang-Tiger leaping gorge



Photo Tour


Beijing-Sanya Luxury holiday


Shanghai-Sanya Luxury holiday







Beijing-Chengdu panda center-Lijiang


Shanghai-Chengdu panda center-Lijiang


Sanya-Wuzhishan-West coast



Trekking China








Family Tour




4WD Overland


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Depart Date: Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Depart Date:  Every day


Crossing China


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      Highlights:  This newly released Beijing join-in tour covers most of the must-see attractions in the ancient city, such as the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City, the Great Wall and the Summer Palace, etc. Besides, several optional tours to Beijing¨s nearby cities are available too.  

Highlights:  Take this Shanghai join-in tour to explore China¨s most dynamic city. The bustling Bun, the elegant Yu Garden and the characteristic Xintiandi Street will not fail to impress you. In addition, you may also take the optional tours to Suzhou and Hangzhou.


Xi'an, Guilin, Sanya, Jinan, Dali


Chengdu, Suzhou, Nanjing


Kunming, Lijiang, Shangri-La


Xishuangbanna, Ruili, Kaili


Depart Date:   Every day


Depart Date:   Every day




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South and South-West China


Yunnan Minority Area EcoTour


Tibet EcoTour



Kunming - Dali ancient town


Shanghai-Lhasa Luxury tour by air


Lijiang-Tiger leaping gorge


Shanghai-Lhasa tour by train


Kunming-Shangri-La Tibetan area


Shanghai-Lhasa-Everest by air




Shanghai-Lhasa-Everest by train


Kunming-Sanya tropical Island


Beijing-Lhasa Luxury tour by air


Kunming-Guilin/Yangshuo Culture


Beijing-Lhasa Luxury tour by train




      Kunming-Dali-Liuku-Nujiang canyon



Dali ancient town and Bai people



Shaxi ancient of South Silk Road



Weishan ancient town



Cycling around Er'hai lake








Sichuan Minority Area EcoTour


Northwest China - Silk Road Area


Hainan Island Luxury Holiday  

Chengdu-Panda center-Lashan



Beijing-Sanya-Yalong bay 3 days


Chengdu-Panda center-Gongga Snow Mt.



Beijing-Sanya-Yalong bay 5 days





Beijing-Sanya-Yalong bay 7 days





Shanghai-Sanya-Yalong bay


Chendu-Kangting-Xiaojin-Mt. Siguniang



Shanghai-Sanya-Yalong bay





Shanghai-Sanya-Yalong bay


Chengdu-Litang-Yading-Lugu lake-Lijiang







      Panda center - Sichuan  







Taiyuan-Pingyao-Xi'an Ecotours






Urumchi-Altay-Burqin-Cannes lake








Xining-Qinghai lake Tibetan area



Xining-Qinghai lake-Er'La pass-Maduo








Shanghai Area EcoTour


Beijing Area EcoTour







Outskirts of Shanghai


Beijing highlights


Guilin / Yangshuo / Kaili

Yangshuo landscape





Beijing-City sightseeing-Simatai Great wall






Beijing-Kangxi grassland-Gubeikou Great wall






Beijing-Tianjin-Beidaihe Seaside






Beijing-Chengde Summer Resort-Qinhuangdao






Beijing-Baiyangdian lake






Beijing-Taiyuan-Pingyao ancient town-Xi'an






Beijing-Inner Mongolia Grassland






Shanghai-Qiandaohu lake Holiday


Beijing-Kunming-Dali-Lijiang Ecotours


Guilin-Yangshuo-Longji rice terraces





Shanghai-Zhoushan Island Holiday


Beijing-Guilin-Haikou-Sanya seaside







Shanghai-Sanya seaside holiday


Beijing-Tibet Ecotours














China Golf Clubs

  China Golf Tours







Sanya - Yalong bay golf club


Yalong Bay Golf Club situated in the southernmost part of Hainan Island, is one of the masterpieces by the famous American golf course architect Mr. Robert Trent Jones Jr. in China. It is merely 30 minutes from the international airport and minus 30 minutes from downtown of Sanya. The course is an international standard coastal vacation championship course bathed in the tropical sunshine and sea breezes and deemed as a reputable vacation heaven for the golfers.

The course is an 18-hole, par 72, 7189 yard tournament-quality course with 120, 000 square meters' man-made lake and 98 bunkers. It is known that the course is in great shape and the caddies first rate, friendly and efficient. The course, designed in the shape of a dragon's claw, is surrounded by stunning mountains and the South China Sea all make this a picture of tranquility.


Luhuitou and Yalong bay golf club





Sanya - Sunrise golf club





Hainan - Boao Country golf club





Haikou - Meilan golf club





Yunnan - Dali golf club





Yunnan - Lijiang Yulong golf club





Yunnan - Kunming Spring city golf club





Guilin - Landscape golf club





Guilin - Merryland golf club





Qiandaohu - Country club golf


Beijing-Sanya-Yalong bay golf







Shanghai-Sanya Yalong bay golf











Fan's Artwork on Artbreak


Fine Art Studio of ZhaoFan


Chinease Artist of Fine Art



Dai women of Yunnan - oil on canvas





ZhaoFan as a Chinese Artist of oil painting, has been working on Fine art 20 years and have sold more then 200 piece of his art work. You can find ZhaoFan's art work on www.ecotourchina.com/art-studio.htm and also can find on  www.artbreak.com/ChinaEcotour

If you are interested in any piece of his art work, please don't be afraid to contact him by send Email to:  info@ecotourchina.com






























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